ABOUT Deo-Dané

Something personal—————

From a young age my mom loved doing events . Out of her love my passion for weddings and events started. After school I studied my BEd degree at the University of Pretoria. I became a project manager for a non profitable organisation. I was then called by God to be a teacher. In between all the studies and work related things I did numerous events, styled shoots and weddings. My first big event was my own wedding and I did all the decor and flowers. After my wedding friends and family members asked me why don't you start your own floral business? I was grateful for that question. After many prayers, waiting and asking God for His wisdom, Floral by Deo-Dané was born in September 2019.

From the owners heart—————


I love pretty things and making everything beautiful even if it is just dinner at my own home. I will always jazz it up. With many years of experience in the event industry I fell in love with floral arrangements. I absolutely love weddings and any event where there are flowers involved. I am a creative young business women and wife to the best husband. A women who wants to change the world one flower at a time. I am a firm believer that good things always happen to you if you only believe.  My motto in life is to bloom with grace where you are planted. I am excited to work with you and to make your event/wedding the most beautiful day ever.

Much FloralLove

Deo-Dané xxx