• Deo-Dané Van Der Merwe

Stefan & Deo-Dané | Wedding

I am the owner of Floral by Deo-Dané and this is my wedding story....

What a magical day it was indeed. I prayed for many years to meet the "one". After many years of being single God sent me my husband on a special day in September. September has always been a special month for me. We met in September (2015), got engaged the next September(2016) and married the next one.(2017)

“God's plan and our plan is not always the same. It is always beyond your expectations.” - Deo-Dané Van der Merwe

I wanted to create my own special day with my own style. With the help of my brides maids (and yes I had 9 of them) and my made of honor (my mom) we created the perfect wedding day.

Wedding | Info

V E N U E | Cabbage & Rose Country Venue

D R E S S | Bridal Manor

S U I T | Zara

P H O T O G R A P H E R | Juné Joubert

C A K E | Honeybeebaker

M A C R A M E | Self made with love

F L O R A L & S T Y L I N G | floralbydeodane

M U A | Unmissable make-up

It was really this best day in my life and that is why I absolutely love weddings. I hope that every girl will meet the man of her dreams and that she will not settle just because she has to.

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