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Jean-pierré & Simoné | Wedding

Wow, is all I can say. This wedding was amazing and such a blessing to be apart of.

The love Jp & Simoné have for each other is extremely captivating. They had a fairy tale like wedding and everything was just perfect. Not only is the bride absolutely gorgeous, she also has a heart of gold. They always say a bride shines on the day of her wedding, well this bride shined a massive amount of light and don't forget the groom. He is one huge and full of love type of guy. He could not take his eyes of his bride.

“Fairy tales does not only exits in movies, but also in real life”

I was a bridesmaid on this wedding and I also did the flowers and decor. It was a big honor to have been apart of this fairy tale wedding. They have a place in my heart that will never go away or be replaced.

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